The employees and bank representatives of CCB are very involved in Civic Organizations. The following is a summary of organizations in which the bank, it’s employees and representatives support and participate:

Annie Ross House – Volunteerism, providing staffing for various fund raising events and financial sponsorship
Back Pack Buddies – Volunteerism, purchasing supplies for students in need                                        
Birch Community Services– Volunteerism and financial sponsorship                                                   
Boring Fire Department Giving Tree – Support for low income families                       
Chamber Career Education Committee - Member, connecting kids with local business to improve job stills            
Christmas for Kids – Volunteer shopping buddy for low income kids                           
Clackamas County Livestock Auction – Financial support                             
Clackamas Women’s Services - Outreach               
Cliffside Cemetery - Member endowment funds oversight                                                     
Family of Friends Mentoring – Volunteerism, providing staffing for various events and financial sponsorship         
Financial Planning Association of OR and SW WA – Conference chair to promote financial literacy
Girls on the Run – Volunteerism proving run buddies for at-risk youth girls.                                         
Girl Scouts of OR and SW WA – Troup leader and treasurer              
Gresham Breakfast Lions Club – Volunteerism, providing staffing and merchant services for various fund raisers, Board member and President                                   
Gresham Chamber of Commerce – Membership and Commerce resource team  
Gresham Rotary Club – Membership and board of directors                                                   
Habitat for Humanity/Portland/Metro East – Finance committee         
Hoodland Fire Dept. Food Barrel and Giving Tree - Support for low income families                  
Hoodland Senior Center - Member                         
Hoodland Women’s Club - Member                                               
Innovative Changes – Financial coaching and mentoring, general volunteerism                                      
Mt Hood Chamber of Commerce, Member                          
Mt. Hood Hospice – General volunteerism, financial management, beneficiary of the annual CCB Garage sale fundraiser                             
Mt Hood Lions Club – Membership and board of directors
Mt Hood Marathon – Volunteerism providing staffing for the Mt Hood Marathon                                              
North Clackamas Chamber of Commerce, Member
NW Housing Alternatives - Volunteerism and financial sponsorship                                                               
Oral Hull Foundation – Financial support    
Oregon City School District – Head volunteer basketball coach
Oregon Guide Dogs for the Blind Volunteerism as a dog-walker and transport                                       
Oregon High School Equestrian Teams (NE District) – Board member and treasurer
Oregon Impact – Membership and Board of Directors chair, volunteer providing driving and drunk driving awareness in the Clackamas county and Multnomah county schools
Oregon Trail School Budget Committee, memeber
Oregon Trail Education Foundation – Thrive at 25 volunteerism, board of directors, treasurer                               
Salvation Army – Civilian council                                                 
Sandy Action Center - Financial support                                                     
Sandy American Legion – Member
Sandy Area Buyers Pool - Financial support                        
Sandy Chamber of Commerce, Member                                          
Sandy Fire Department - Board of directors and budget committee                                          
Sandy Fire Department Budget Committee - Member
Sandy Historical Society – Board member                                       
Sandy Kiwanis – Financial support and volunteerism
Sandy Mountain Festival – Board member, Secretary, general volunteerism                  
Sandy Volunteer Fire Dept. LOSAP – Trustee for committee retirement resource and financial management
SnowCap – General volunteerism, Client Services Intake, financial sponsorship, family sponsorship
The Ant Farm – Financial support and volunteerism
YMCA – Co-Chair scholarship program, appreciation luncheon and various fundraisers, and participation in the Camp Collins clean-up