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Pioneer VISA Debit Card:

Clackamas County Bank and Sandy High School collaborated to create the Pioneer VISA Debit Card.  The Pioneer VISA Debit Card works like our standard Clackamas County Bank VISA Check Card and is available with any personal checking account.  The card has a custom design created by a Sandy High School student and comes with an EMV chip making your card more secure.  You can also access your checking account funds and use the Pioneer VISA Debit Card for purchases wherever VISA is accepted.

The best part is every time the Pioneer VISA Debit Card is used, a donation will be made to Sandy High School to help support the cost of their various programs and clubs. 

Same restrictions and requirements apply as the standard Clackamas County Bank VISA Check Card.  You can withdraw funds at any one of our 4 ATM locations or the ATM at Sandy High School at no cost.  For 75 cents you can access your funds from any ATM machine where you see a Plus or Start symbol, or for $3.25 per month you may make unlimited withdrawals.

Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay is not currently available with the Pioneer VISA Debit Card.

For your security and fraud prevention, we are currently blocking card usage in the following countries:

Mexico, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Oman, Romania, Finland, Vietnam, China, Bolivia, Argentina, Japan, and South Africa.

In addition, we are currently blocking card usage in the following states:

Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia

If you plan to travel or conduct business in any of these states or countries and use your Pioneer VISA Debit Card, contact us so we can provide you with temporary access.

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Important Information

Our Mobile Banking App Is Being Upgraded!

We are excited to announce a new mobile experience that includes the following upgrades:

  • A modern design and interface
  • New security features and settings
  • Biometrics for Android & iPhone users (Touch ID and Face ID)
  • The same features and functions you use today, but with an updated user experience

Important Notes: If you currently use Touch ID or Face ID to login, the first time you open the new app you will have to use your Access ID and Passcode. If you don’t know your Access ID and Passcode, you will need to call us to have it reset. Online Banking Support is available by calling (503) 668-5501 from 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday.

After your app is updated, you will be able to set up your Touch ID or Face ID again to resume using this convenient and secure way to access your mobile banking. We apologize for any inconvenience.

iPhone users: Once the new app is released, the next time you launch the Clackamas County Bank iPhone app, the new app will automatically replace the old version if you have automatic updates enabled. Otherwise, you will need to go to the Apple App Store to download the app update. Some iPhone users may have to uninstall/reinstall the existing iPhone app in order to begin using the newest app. The first time you login to the new app you will also be presented with new Terms & Conditions to review and accept.

Android users: Android users will be required to remove the old application and download the new version from the Google Play Store once available.

Access the new app here:

You will be presented with new Terms & Conditions in order to use the newest Android application. Users who attempt to access the old application will receive the following message:
Screen shot image from mobile device with error message that mobile banking solution has changed

SMS/Text users: The number that you use to send and receive SMS messages has changed. Due to laws that require users to manually opt-in to receiving text messages, you will have to re-enroll in the service by logging into online banking at Click the Welcome link at the top of the screen and go to All Services & Settings. Enrollment in SMS/text banking does not require the mobile app. Please note that future messages will come from [+1 925-854-4624].


Unfortunately, due to the continuous Covid-19 restrictions, this year’s Party on the Patio event has been canceled.  This event benefits Mt. Hood Hospice, a local not-for-profit hospice who provides independent, community-based program care for terminally ill patients and their loved ones.  We look forward to hosting the Party on the Patio event next June in 2022. 

If you would like to support Mt. Hood Hospice, please log on to their website at

Please call us if there are any questions at (503) 668-5501.

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Mobile Banking

Mobile banking is a system that allows customers of a financial institution to conduct transactions using a mobile phone, personal digital assistant or a tablet. As with anything online, mobile banking has some risks. This can be minimized using some common sense precautions.

  • Keep a password on your device and have it auto-lock after a certain time.
  • Never save online banking or e-commerce login information on your mobile device.
  • Don’t get phished-Avoid clicking on any links in any text message or email. This may lead to malicious websites or downloads.
  • Before downloading any app, make sure it is from a trusted provider. Always read the app’s privacy policy and make sure that it is not sharing your personal information.