Money Market Accounts

Money Market accounts can be opened with a deposit of $1,500.00 or more.

This monthly service fee is just $10.00, however, if you maintain a minimum daily balance of $1,500.00 or more, you pay no service fee for that month. Your account will earn no interest for any day or days that your minimum daily balance drops below $1,500.00

Your interest rate and annual percentage yield may change weekly or at our discretion. See our Separate Rate Sheet. We use the daily balance method to calculate interest. This method applies a daily periodic rate to the principal in the account each day. Interest will be compounded and credited to your account monthly. Interest begins to accrue no later than the business day we receive credit for the deposit on non-cash items (for example checks). You must maintain a minimum daily balance of $1,500.00 to earn the disclosed annual percentage yield.

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